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There are many logical reasons why we love to watch movies in theaters even if we can watch them at home. Of course, each of us is different and we may have many answers in our minds. Watching movie is a great way to escape from the real world. Movies could portray to us what the future may be. It can also bring back the past. We can draw comparison out of it. We can imagine what life it could be in a fictional world. We can also be updated of the recent trend. We can see the latest fashion and style of the artists.

But, in case if we find watching movies in theaters as impractical, we can certainly do it at home. We can search for hundreds or even thousands of movies using the internet. We can also save the movies in our computers or drives. But, to ensure that what we download are safe, we should have backconnect proxies installed in our computers or devices. In that way, we can enjoy the movies alone or even with our family or friends. Plus, we can also feel the same way as when we watch movies in theaters, but with more advantage because we only have to spend less, or none at all.


$6.00 matinee - all shows before 5PM*
$5.50 seniors (65+) - all day*
$5.50 children (ages 2-12) - all day*
$8.00 adults - all shows after 5PM*

* Excludes Special Engagement pricing when listed in the movie description

 * Special Engagement films are consider to be of BollyWood and all other foreign or independent films.

We also offer Eisenberg all-beef hotdogs for $1.50 and value priced combos!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 11:00am to 10:45pm
11:45am to 10:30pm

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Attention: No longer Maintained
Attention: No longer Maintained